- General design and detailed drawings
 - Design, study and production of special machines
 - Plant design and layout (conveyors and workflows)


Design and structure calculations for producing a reactor and storage silos for an incineration plant in Moscow
Design and verification studies for assessing the resistance of a 4000 m3-tank structure
Design and sizing studies for Powered Floating Bridges subassemblies (PFM, ponts flottants motorisÚs)


Technical assistance for modifying packing production lines



 Activity sectors :
  - High and low voltage
  - Distribution, high and low voltage networks, transforming stations
  - Tertiary : workshop electric power, distribution networks, fire detection
  - Access control and intrusion detection, home automation and dedicated networks
  - General design
  - Electrical power generation. Automation / Computerization / Supervision
  - Network design
  - Definition studies for protection selectivity, calculations and power balance
  - Enterprise consultation files
  - Trials and works follow-up operations


Studies, drawings and company consultation files for the complete redoing of workshops and offices electric distribution, telephone networks and computer and fire detection networks for :
    * KAHN building at DCN ST TROPEZ
    * BVO's kitchen facilities at DCN TOULON.



  - Monitoring and control systems
  - Robotics
  - Industrial networks
  - Process supervision
  - Training organization (Accreditation number : 93 830 / 42683)
  - Definition, general and detailed studies
  - Low-level or high-level programming of logic controllers (C, Visual Basic, SQL, Oracle, etc...)
  - Consultancy and technical assistance
  - Electrical wiring and connections
  - Automation retrofit on special machines, 3D servocontrols and multi-axis cards
  - Organization of automation training sessions on SIEMENS equipment and In Touch or Win CC supervision software
  - Implementation of the following systems :
    * PLC-based Monitoring and control systems : SIEMENS, TELEMECANIQUE or specific cards : VME, G76, PC
    * Industrial process supervision and central technical management with popular software : IN TOUCH, COROS, WIN CC, INDUSCREEN
    * Command and control digital system : ABB, OTIC FISHER, FOXBORO IAS or PCS7 SIEMENS.
    * Inter-systems communication networks : ETHERNET, PROFIBUS, etc... with optical fiber support
    * Numerical control of special machines : NUM, ICN, SIEMENS


Maintenance and upgrade of special machines in the Composite Radome Department. Programmable logic controllers, numerical control : NUM 750, 760, 1040, 1060
Modernization of the industrial autoclave control station
Mechanical retrofit of a drape forming machine for manufacturing GRP radomes
Automation of a painting robot; interfacing with a FANUC robot, programming on a numerically controlled vertical grinding machine (NUM 760)
Specific communication software between a numerical controlled machine and a PC for radome thickness correction bench


Automation of irradiated fuel unloading machines for EDF's nuclear power plants (SIEMENS programmable logic controllers)
Analysis and programming of the centralized control of domestic waste incineration plants using the ABB MOD300 system


Studies and programs for automating a welding robot (multi-axes servocontrol)
Studies and programs for automating a weld inspection robot


Automation and supervision of the sea loading station (IN TOUCH software, SIEMENS programmable logic controllers, optical fiber link
Automation and dispatch supervision upgrade ( IBM AS400/PC)
Automation, connection and supervision control of Diesel fuel, Gasoline, Oxygen compounds, and fuel (14 tanks, 20 pumps and 100 valves)
Development and supervision of products movements; semiautomatic lining (IN TOUCH software)
Development and production of the new truck terminal station automatic management system so that the terminal is compatible with European directives as regards tank source loading (SQL Windows and Visual Basic programming)


Co-contractor for Condat paper mill assignments
Drawing up of software analysis and development for setting up mixers for ELF
Synoptics and programming of nitrogen and oxygen compressor programmable logic controllers for AIR LIQUIDE
Application development as part of SHELL BERRE's Utilities project


Development and programming of logic controllers for special machines
Assembly and commissioning of machines


Development and installation of a general supervision system of the calcium carbonate production monitoring and control system at the CASE de PENE's plant (SIEMENS programmable logic controllers, Coros LSB software); optical fiber and ethernet network links (5,000 Inputs/Outputs)
Development and installation of programmable logic controllers for crushers (SIEMENS programmable logic controllers, WINCC software)


Upgrade and addition of new functionalities on the BRU39 unit's DCI OTIC Fisher supervision system


Studies for reshaping the LAVERA site's 15kV network
Installation specification for 63kV/15kV, 20MVA transformers. Consultation of vendors; DCE; work follow-up
Definition and specifications for installing new HV cells
Definition for installing protections (maximum current, homopolar, etc...)
Cable specifications and routing
Change in neutral rating, study and definitions of protections, calculations. Specification for purchasing and setting up resistances and transformers
Definition file of GTC monitoring steps on a HONNEYWELL TDC 3000 system(5,000 command and control steps)


Maintenance of automatic controls for diesel generator sets and remote data transmissions


Organization of training sessions relating to programmable logic controllers in co-operation with CFIA
Intervening trainers
Specific technical assistance in programmable logic controllers and communication networks
SNC PCS7 in a ketchup production plant in Turkey


Upgrade and maintenance of the power saving and management system at Paris's Austerlitz railway station
Development and production of an automatic passenger counting system
Development of the supervision and control system for the RER C line's smoke control system (INDUSCREEN software on PC, APRIL programmable logic controllers)
Definition studies, programming and commissioning of progammable logic controllers for the RER C line's smoke control stations (38 controllers on a 13Km optical fiber network)


Reorganizing and backfitting to new standards of the Mall's centralized technical management system (energy counting, ventilation and fire safety equipment, escalators)
Analysis and programming of the VSK system (supervision and management system for 3,000 points)


Specific development for SNC PCS7


Maintenance of automatic controls for power generator units and remote transmissions


Development and programming of logic controllers in a tea packaging unit of the FRALIB GROUP



  - Project management
  - Prime contactorship
  - Engineering files
  - Production follow-up


Design studies and production of an assembly consisting of mobile supports and special tools for a numerically controlled grinding machine used to manufacture aircraft radomes made of composite materials (based on BERTHIEZ equipment)
Studies for modifying the mechanical and automatic functionality of a radome thickness measuring machine using microwaves